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Skip Navigation LinksWorkplace Hazardous Materials Information System Training (Online)

WHMIS online is a 2 hour course which aims to provide Canadian workers with information to work safely with and around hazardous materials.WHMIS

Topics include:

  • WHMIS regulation
  • The need for WHMIS in the workplace
  • The risks of working with hazardous materials
  • How to work safely with hazardous materials
  • Product labels
  • Material Safety Data Sheets

Who should take this course?  Workers who require WHMIS certification for the first time. Please note that this course is not WHMIS Review. WHMIS Review is the employer’s responsibility as it includes site specific training.

Course Length:  You have 2 weeks from the time of registration to complete your course. The course takes approximately 2 hours to complete.   Please allow up to 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, to process your request.

Requirements: Valid email address & high speed internet; Access to a printer.

Certification:  Upon completion, you will be able to print your own certificate. 

Note: from “Training in the WHMIS is not required every year. However, certain employers are required to conduct an annual review to determine whether worker re-training is required. Re-training may be required if new materials have been introduced into the workplace, or if workplace conditions have changed or new information on a hazardous material is available.”

To request this training please complete the form below:

Your Name:
Company Name:
Phone Number:
Are you a member of Local 793?
Do you have Fall Protection or Working at Heights training?
Email Address:
Training Request:
Please send us a detailed note on the training you are requesting. Include, the course name, the number of trainees, and the time you would like the course to run.
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