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The Pipeline Training is a In-House instructor led course designed to give the IUOE Local 793 Member the basic knowledge and skills required to safely and efficiently operate a sideboom, excavator or dozer during pipeline construction.

The Pipeline Training course is 3 weeks long and is held at OETIO Morrisburg Campus. Accommodations and meals will be provided by OETIO.

The selection process will be the responsibility of OETIO. The member will need the required experience and be in good standing with IUOE Local 793. 

The list is first come first served.

If members don’t qualify because of lack of work experience, they can apply at a later date. 

This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. 


Dozer Field Exercises

Excavator Field Exercises

Sideboom Field Exercises

· Pre-op Inspection

· Right-Of-Way layout/ clearing

· Grading a level Right-Of-Way (ROW)

· ROW clean up

· Ditch backfill

· Ripping

· Prepare machine to be left unattended


· Pre-op Inspection

· Straight trench

· Backfilling a straight trench

· Excavate a trench with tie-in trench

· Cross a trench

· Straight trench with plug

· Excavate a trench with a bend

· Sloped trench

· Sloped trench with a bend

· Sloped trench with a plug

· Bell hole

· Long excavation – install and backfill a pipe

· Prepare machine to be left unattended

· Pre-op Inspection

· Boom control

· Travel with load under control

· Maneouvering around a pipe

· Travel with pipe under control

· Rotating a pipe

· Maneuvering a roller basket

· Placement of swamp weights

· Repositioning a sling on a pipe at an angle

· Hoisting – using a jib

· Tandem lifting

· Prepare machine to be left unattended

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