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Dozer Program Description Skip Navigation Links

Theory Component

Fundamentals of Heavy Equipment (2 weeks – 78 hours):

This 2 week course is a pre-requisite to the machine specific operator training program and provides students with the fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) Reg. 213/91, safety, equipment types and components, operating techniques, transportation, and maintenance that apply to heavy equipment in the construction industry. 

Students also complete training in WHMIS, Fall Protection, First Aid, and CPR.

Practical Component

Dozer Training (4 weeks – 162 hours):

  • Each field exercise includes an instructor led demonstration, followed by a student practice session with ongoing coaching, skills evaluation and feedback from the instructor via two-way radio
  • The construction-type field exercises progress from basic to advanced level. Introductory training on GPS and laser control systems is included
  • Perform pre-operational inspection
  • Comply with scheduled maintenance requirements
  • Plan work procedures
  • Comply with grades and stakes
  • Operate dozer:
    • Set up equipment
    • Grade and layout
    • Create and maintain a working table
    • Strip surface materials
    • Rip surface materials
    • Cut and fill materials
    • Create ditches
    • Create slopes
    • Create ramp
    • Backfill excavations and trenches 
  • Follow shutdown procedure
  • Load dozer on transport vehicle

Student/Instructor Ratio:  6 students to 1 instructor

Student Seat Time: Student will always be operating a dozer on a continual basis of 8 hours per day for 4 weeks of practical training.

Total Program Duration: (6 weeks-240 hours)

*Students returning to be trained for another piece of equipment are exempt from Fundamentals of Heavy Equipment.